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SGplayer supports HTML5 and HLS audio and video on desktop and mobile devices

Built with your audience in mind, our new SGplayer incorporates all metadata from your stream. This ensures that not only can your audience easily receive your streams from one convenient player, whether on their desktop or their iOS or Android mobile device, but that they will also see any album art, artist name, and song and album titles!

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SGplayer Features

  • Audio and Video
  • HTML5 and HLS support
  • Integrated VAST support for ad delivery
  • Shows all Metadata(album art, artist, song title, album title)
  • Video On-Demand Closed Captioning Support
  • Supports ad-insertion for your content using our Ad-Insertion Solutions
  • Ad-insertion integrations with Google DFP, Adswizz, and TargetSpot
  • Social Media Integration - allows sharing of stream by users
  • Multiple audio/video streams supported in one player
  • Nielsen SDK-enabled
  • iTunes album artwork integration
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Metadata Features

  • Album Art
  • Artist
  • Song Title
  • Album Title
  • Metadata triggered Adswizz Ad Breaks
SGplayer with iTunes artwork

Social Media Integration

SGplayer includes social media integration so your listeners are able to share your stream with their family, friends, and colleagues from across the world.

Social Medias integrated with SGplayer

All of your content, right at your fingertips,
while complimenting the look and feel of your site

The new SGplayer supports multiple audio and video streams from within, with only a simple click or tap and swipe. Your users can access any of your streams easily from one location, the way it should be.

As well, the SGplayer can be customized to match the look and feel of your website with the same background image or colors.

Cover Your Bases - SGplayer works everywhere

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