Centralized Management of Stream Access Controls


Audience location, automatically detected via IP or player provided, determines content to deliver. Can be used for regional stream variants, in and out of market target advertizing, or ensuring only locals have access to game broadcasts. SGcontrol sends people where they need to go.


Similar to targeting, location determines whether desired content is accessible to users. Rather than providing alternate content, as with geo targeting, simply block audience members from content. Protects geographically licensed content, ensures music formats are only listed within the US, or even limits bandwidth usage to local listenership.


Leveraging SGpasskey technology, SGcontrol locks content behind incredibly flexible protections baked into a simple token provided alongside the stream. Tokens generated as needed by your owned-andoperated platforms (ex. website or mobile app), providing the most detailed version of controls for your content. Longer term token generation, controlling stream access on a publisher basis for 3rd-party distribution agreements or syndication needs. Easily revoke access by disrupting the provided token.


SGcontrol allows you to leverage multiple facets of the service at the same time for your content. Whether you want to geo-block your stream to just the US while also tokenizing the stream for enhanced security or just want to make sure your in and out of market targeting happens, SGcontrol can take care of it.

Highlight Use-cases

  • In and Out of Market Advertizing
  • Content Regionalization
  • Regional Licensing Compliance
  • Audience Pruning
  • Premium Content Enablement
  • Secure 3rd-party Distribution

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