Reflector Service

The Affordable Satellite Alternative

StreamGuys and Barix introduce uncompressed streaming for the Reflector service, including metadata!

The Reflector service allows you to simplify the management of your favorite Barix Exstreamers and Instreamers in STL(Studio Transmitter Link) applications. After configuring how you'd like your devices to communicate with one another in the intuitive Reflector dashboard, your devices will seamlessly communicate with one another once you connect them to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

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First Uncompressed Pair $99.90/month
Additional Devices $49.90/month
First Compressed Pair $49.95/month
Additional Devices $24.95/month

Reflector Simplicity

Cloud Managed

Configure your devices together into projects in the management interface and never worry about manually configuring them again. The interface lets you set the quality for your encoder and any desired latency on the receiving decoders. Uncompressed projects even support metadata passthrough!


Once your encoding unit is connected to the Internet, it will automatically sync with the cloud-based Service and send its signal out to all connected decoders, or even the Uncompressed Gateway.

Product Highlights

Key Features

  • UDP/RTP streaming
  • MP3 or PCM w/ metadata
  • Configurable Latency - .1 to 30 sec
  • Failover to USB at destinations
  • Free iPhone listener application


Wide range of applications, whether syndicating national radio shows or simply connecting your studio and broadcast tower, Reflector has you covered. Contact us to find out if Reflector is right for your project.


The Reflector service supports the management of uncompressed and compressed signal flows, with metadata passthrough support for uncompressed. Paired with Remote Encoding, uncompressed Reflector can be a powerful tool for broadcasting.

Cloud Management

Reflector is hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on the Internet. Manage your devices at any time, modifying what projects they belong to and how they send or receive signals from one another.


Quickly and easily setup a unidirectional STL (studio transmitter link). Avoid all the tedious business of having to configure IP networks, punch holes in firewalls, or negotiate with your network administrator or ISP's tech support department.


The Reflector Service is reliable because it's simple. With the Reflector Service, you set it up once and forget about it. In addition, Barix's sturdy Instreamers and Exstreamers are known for their durability.

Easy Uncompressed

StreamGuys and Barix introduce uncompressed streaming for the Reflector service including metadata!

Uncompressed signal workflow using Reflector and Remote Encoder

With the new support for uncompressed streaming, the Reflector service expands it's already best-in-class feature set to provide broadcasters the ability to stream the highest quality audio point-to-point. In addition to streaming uncompressed audio, metadata can be sent along with the audio to ensure that all receiving locations have the program information and ad break triggers they'll need. Uncompressed is supported by the Exstreamer 500 and Instreamer or newer device lines.

As part of this new support in Reflector, StreamGuys is pairing the Reflector service with our powerful Remote Encoding service. By doing so, we can take your uncompressed input signal from your studio and land it in our cloud, encoding that signal to as many destinations as you need.

By taking advantage of this product pairing, you can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership your station has for maintaining the systems needed to encode to the Internet. No more headache of maintaining local encoders and computers; Let StreamGuys take the reins and provide full management and 24/7 support for the encoders in the cloud! One simple box from Barix, with a little help from StreamGuys, and your station can be broadcast all around the world.

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First Uncompressed Pair $99.90
Additional Devices $49.90
First Compressed Pair $49.95
Additional Devices $24.95 each