SRT Streaming with StreamGuys

SRT Video Streaming

StreamGuys joins the SRT Alliance and introduces SRT-supported services to the StreamGuys platform

In association with the SRT Alliance, StreamGuys is proud to offer the ability to support SRT streaming into the StreamGuys Platform. Using the packages described here, you can get started broadcasting highly reliable, quality video from anywhere on the public Internet. Learn more about SRT and the SRT Alliance

Pristine Quality

Protect against jitter, packet loss and bandwidth fluctuation, so your viewers get the best viewing experience.

Low Latency

Configurable control to deliver low latency video while overcoming network challenges.

Secure Streaming

End-to-end 128/256 bit AES encryption makes sure your content is protected from contribution to distribution.

Open Source

Haivision and Wowza are founding members of the SRT Alliance, making open source SRT available for any developer.