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Do you have a new project and are wondering how to best setup the server systems for production? Do you have existing production systems that could run better? StreamGuys helps customers plan and architect infrastructure specific to their needs.

Don't know what you need exactly? Great, that's what we help you figure out!

Architecture and Planning includes:

  • Server specifications, ordering, design, and implementation
  • Rack and Power design
  • Colocation network and power planning
  • 10GE networking
  • High availability and standard availability virtualization
  • Cloud computing systems and architecture
  • VMware, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV virtualization solutions
  • Clustering and load balancing for servers and content
  • File servers and storage solutions
  • Backup and snapshot systems
  • Payment and subscription systems

Rely on StreamGuys experts to help you as a member of your team. StreamGuys provides these services in a consultation capacity on an hourly basis. Feel free to engage us for systems in your data centers, because we serve customers both on and off net.