Pingplotter Network Monitoring Cloud

Monitor your ISP and streaming networks in real-time with a simple cloud dashboard

Pingplotter Network Monitoring Cloud with StreamGuys is a managed solution for one of the most frustrating facets of your business to troubleshoot, your networking! Utilizing the industry trusted Pingplotter monitoring toolset, rather than trying to run monitoring tools after you begin having issues, you can have 24/7 monitoring already in place with StreamGuys. Monitoring is bi-directional, from your studio to our CDN and back to make sure both perspectives are covered. Live views of the monitoring are available online, without the need to use any software locally to view monitoring results.


Simple to install monitoring tool provides insight into network health at all times, ensuring you have perspective even when you're not present to monitor


No configuration needed on your end. We'll send you a custom installed that will automatically begin monitoring from your studio to our CDN and vice-versa

Cloud Access

Dashboards available in the cloud to review your network's health over time, including advanced insights into issues observed.

Traceroute between your studio and our CDN

Pingplotter Traceroute view from source to destination

Automatic Issue Identification

Top Events identified by Pingplotter

Historical View

Packet loss over time graphing