Why Christian Broadcasters Trust StreamGuys

Posted in Streaming, Technology on May 31, 2022

StreamGuys enjoys the privilege of being a top recommended streaming service provider among Christian broadcasting stations. While the streaming needs of Christian broadcasters are identical to those of stations broadcasting other types of content, several factors are unique to the Christian broadcasting industry.

Geographic Targeting

As non-commercial broadcasters, Christian broadcasters can often achieve significant savings in terms of royalties by “channelizing” national streams into local variants. Geographical Targeting and SGcontrol help Christian broadcasters limit their capacity per month of listening hours by allowing them to vary and secure their content based on their audience’s location.

When using StreamGuys Geo-Targeting solutions, the content to be delivered is determined by the audience location, which is detected automatically based on IP or player. Geo-targeting can be used to properly distribute regional stream variants and deliver targeted advertising to in and out of market audiences.


When combined with Geo-Targeting, StreamGuys SGcontrol allows broadcasters to control content distribution by utilizing tokenization and geo-restriction to make content accessible to the desired target audience while blocking unauthorized use of your content.

SGcontrol leverages SGpasskey technology to generate tokens that allow the owners and operators of Christian broadcasting platforms to control stream access on a publisher by publisher basis. Additionally, baked-in geo-restriction protocols allow broadcasters to limit bandwidth usage by restricting access to content outside a predetermined geographical area.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Christian broadcasters often appreciate StreamGuys advanced technology solutions like HLS and targeted ad insertion capabilities. HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) has replaced Icecast as the dominant audio streaming protocol for mobile devices. StreamGuys technology solutions, like SGplayer, fully support HLS for both video and audio streaming applications. Audio-only streams include support for in-stream metadata as well.

Ad Insertion with Ultimate Control

Christian Broadcasters can generate sponsorship revenue via StreamGuys’ integration with the AdsWizz digital advertising platform, Google Ad Manager, and TAP. This helps broadcasters increase revenue by using targeted ad insertion to direct their advertising campaigns to users who meet a specific set of characteristics such as a unique location, user profile, or targeted device usage. Broadcasters can choose whether they want to manage direct fulfillment or toggle subject matter on and off with programmatic offerings. Make sure your listeners only hear messages you approve, and maximize monetization with StreamGuys.


StreamGuys, advanced analytics tools like SGreports and SGmonitor help broadcasters better understand how their audience interacts with their content by monitoring trends over time. SGreports utilizes radio-centric metrics such as CUME, TLH, and QLH to deliver accurate industry-standard statistics without relying on surveys. SGreports provides the most accurate results by filtering out non-human utilities like web crawlers and stream monitors.

High-Quality Listener Experience

Providing the highest-quality listener experience is a top priority for Christian broadcasters. StreamGuys’ High Availability CDN creates redundant signal flows to prevent a single point of failure from crashing your live stream broadcasts. Additionally, StreamGuys’ use of advanced streaming technology like HLS, combined with our SGplayer makes it easy for Christian broadcasters to provide top-of-the-line content that delights viewers and listeners alike.

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