SGrecast Deep Dive With Sounds Profitable

Posted in Interviews, SaaS, Streaming, Technology on Apr 19, 2022

Recently, Robert Minnix, StreamGuys Product Manager, sat down with Bryan Barletta from the Sounds Profitable podcast to dive deep into SGrecast, one of the SaaS and streaming tools StreamGuys provides their clients. For the full video, click here.

Since 2015, SGrecast (StreamGuys' enterprise-level podcasting and content repurposing platform) has been assisting broadcasters in expanding their content's reach and monetary potential. It is one of StreamGuys’ most sought-after tools to create, manage, and monetize podcasts, streams, and other profitable content.

SGrecast allows its users to automate their content with the push of a button. The complementary tool AudioLoggers allow for automatic recording content, repurposing, and creating podcast episodes (or even rebroadcasts). Broadcasters can also control their feeds right from SGrecast’s dashboard, making editing and further automation a breeze.

During the interview with Sounds Profitable, Minnix explained that SGrecast is an excellent solution for radio broadcasters trying to delve into the digital space to expand their content offerings or access the ability to create podcasts using their content.

The podcasting space is growing exponentially. Today, there are currently over 2 million podcasts available online—a number that grows every day. SGrecast is tapping into that number by giving access to tools for these young, inexperienced talent who have no broadcast experience to create their content. As we will show, experienced broadcasters can also repurpose content to get the most longevity.

While SGrecast focuses on live streaming and converting those streams into podcasts, there is also generic podcasting capability for directly uploading content or a lower streaming footprint. In our long-form interview, we showed three specific aspects of podcast production and SGrecast— AudioLoggers, Roles & Permissions, and a Full-Control API.


Without a way to edit, modify, or host your audio file within a dedicated podcasting workflow, you’re going to miss out on productivity. AudioLoggers in our in-application solution for ad insertion, trimming, publishing, and visualizing audio content—all without leaving the SGrecast environment.

Producers can access the AudioLogger publishing workflow at any time, allowing for simple web-based creation of these highlights and clips. With an easy way to publish directly to podcasts included, studios can also use this workflow to produce and deliver entirely new shows in their entirety.

If they wish to keep the most recent 36 hours of pre-streamed audio on hand to be repurposed at a later date, they can. They can also export a specific segment of the broadcast, such as a highlight, a particular show, or a promotional clip if they want. They can then repurpose that segment, highlight, show, or voice clip in other ways, such as broadcasting it to fill empty air time, looping it into another element, or even scheduling a specific show at a particular time every day.

Once a broadcaster determines how much of a buffer they want to modify, they can access all the metadata located within that segment. This metadata can include image artwork, identifications, the names of the people speaking in particular segments, etc. Any metadata sent with the stream by the broadcaster is maintained and can be targeted to automate this content creation.

In short, better tools means better control over your content and engagement.

Roles & Permissions

Every account on SGrecast includes separating users in the system and placing them in separate groups or roles. This limit ensures users can only access the part of the system that they have permission to access.

A use case would be in a more extensive operation where an admin can oversee all files, but a producer may only upload, an editor may only edit, and so on.

Whether you’re a smaller broadcaster with only a few employees or you’re a part of a larger organization with 100 employees, SGrecast can work for you.

Full Control API

Everything built within SGrecast is built off of a proprietary API. This connectivity means that whether or not you use the SGrecast interface, you can still access all of the powerful functionality we provide through your own system and experience if you so choose. For enterprise broadcasters, this offers an opportunity to expand their publishing workflows already implemented without exposing their staff to additional interfaces and logins.

SGrecast users connect via an OAuth 2.0 API, meaning that customers can use this API to build their front end and combine multiple products into one CMS workflow. With our Full Control API, you get all the data that powers our user interface—your media, scheduling, all controls.

Likewise, users can use our system flexibly as needed through API requests without developing all of the functionality themselves. This flexibility cuts down on technology costs and learning curves for new users for small-budget productions, making it a powerful choice for smaller studios.

Regardless of what you plan to use it for, it’s evident that StreamGuys’ SGrecast is one of the most robust tools on the market for seasoned and newbie broadcasters and podcasters alike.

To find out precisely what SGrecast can do for you or to book a demo, visit the StreamGuys website today.

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