Next-Generation High-Performance Live Audio Streaming

Posted in HLS, Technology on May 17, 2022

StreamS and StreamGuys Partnership

While video live streaming is a rapidly growing market, high-performance live audio streaming is still in development. This is especially true for broadcasters streaming interactive content or attempting to reach a global audience.

StreamS and StreamGuys are pioneering new and innovative solutions for audio content streaming. The two formed a partnership to provide next-generation, high-performance live audio streaming. Based on completely compliant standards-based CMAF HLS for low-latency, adaptive-bitrate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Together, they offer a complete end-to-end, dependable streaming solution. Scale to big audiences and reach more current devices with superb audio quality.

Read on to find out more about how their collaboration is changing the audio streaming industry.

What is CMAF HLS?

Common Media Application Format (CMAF) HLS is the same successful technology that is fuelling the “cord-cutting” video content providers currently enjoy for OTT and other Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) services. By leveraging the standardized container of CMAF, content providers can reach a broader diversity of devices with a single file set. This results in more efficient content delivery, reduced streaming costs, and increased audience.

Better Scaling and Cost-Saving

Audio content providers will profit from StreamS and StreamGuys' collaboration. DTC services and radio broadcasters wishing to grow their streaming presence will benefit especially. Scale with greater strength and cost-efficiency using CMAF HLS. Also leverage the latest high-efficiency codecs, such as xHE-AAC and the broader AAC family.

Covering everything from high-quality voice to high-quality 7.1 surround, new developments from the collaboration surpass older-generation streaming protocols. Content producers and audiences gain more value from the ability to transmit real-time expandable metadata alongside flawless audio.

Larger Reach, Lower Barriers

With CMAF, HLS is improving substantially. StreamGuys is thrilled to enable ultra-low latency and make HLS deployment even easier. HLS allows for efficient network switching while maintaining a stream.

Compared to typical true-streaming systems, HLS unfortunately introduces an increase in latency. CMAF rectifys this by permitting significantly faster encoding. This results in reduced file-based buffers.

Meanwhile, once xHE-AAC is accepted by all major browsers and mobile platforms, it will reduce the number of decoder codecs required. This simplification will result in a wider reach and lower cross-platform compatibility hurdles.

A Collaboration Made in Streaming Heaven

StreamGuys provides the robust server infrastructure for reliable content transmission. StreamS provides encoder software, systems, and professional audio processing. StreamGuys will also offer sophisticated business analytics and reporting software for logging, compliance, and audience measurement. Alongside this future ad insertion options will help generate money.

The modern audience is willing to spend money on high-end media devices with several advanced features and have high expectations of their tech. It is now important to build new streaming infrastructures. Today's income picture includes a lot of live audio streaming. The competitive nature of the live-streaming and IP audio markets necessitates the highest possible audio quality. Clients receive both with the StreamS and StreamGuys partnership.

At StreamGuys, we offer audio streaming services for live broadcasters that are more effective and produce better-quality audio than the other guys. Partnering with our skilled team of streaming experts means you’ll have a faster, higher-quality alternative for hosting your content than the other guys.

StreamGuys: your 24/7 partner for streaming media solutions! Call us today to find out how we can provide you with the best streaming support, tools, and services for your needs.

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