The Best Live Streaming Software to use in 2022

Posted in Streaming, Technology on May 03, 2022

Some of our clients know this, simply because they’ve worked with us for so long, but most don’t realize that StreamGuys has helped shape the growth and relevance of streaming audio and video. We launched in 2000, just as the industry was coming to life and have been a part of every twist and turn along the way.

Streaming was always a powerful force, with continuous forward momentum. But during the global health crisis these past couple of years, the industry really skyrocketed. Additionally, even as in-person events were starting to happen again, the demand for an online component remained strong. This shows promise for streaming services to remain in demand. That’s why this article is focusing on the best streaming software to use in 2022.


StreamGuys provides industry-leading service for podcasts, video, and audio production companies, government organizations, medical and health care services, live venues, and more. So, we’ve seen the extent and potential for streaming. If you’re comparing streaming software, these current statistics about streaming may help you during the decision-making process.

  • On average, we watch 18 hours of online video per week.
  • Live content garners 27% more watch time than video-on-demand.
  • Smart TVs are a significant factor in the increased popularity of streaming. About 80% of American homes have at least one television connected to the internet.
  • When considering active users, Facebook is the most popular source for streaming with three million monthly active users.
  • Live shopping has become more relevant thanks to eCommerce streaming. Just over 80% of online shoppers are discovering new brands and researching products this way.


Podcasts are traditionally pre-recorded and uploaded for sharing. It’s no longer just an alternative to radio, instead, businesses are using podcasts to increase traffic to their website, to lower barriers of entry in an industry, to grow their audience, and more.

When comparing podcast software, it’s important to keep editing features, cloud storage, and tech support in mind. These are the top picks for audio streaming software:

  • Restream: Helping you record, customize, and promote your podcast. Featuring high-resolution 48-kHz audio and split-track recording. Restream also lets you save recordings in your 100GB of cloud storage.
  • Adobe Audition: Part of the famous Creative Suite, Audition is truly professional-grade with more features than most podcasters can handle. It does have a higher price tag, and a layout that is preferred by pros, but it comes with built-in presets, noise reduction, and advanced compression capabilities that newbies will like.
  • StreamGuys: Providing podcast hosting, automated podcast creation, and audio editing so you can easily trim your audio file. Additionally the publishing and sharing features make it easy to embed, archive, and more. This complete podcast ecosystem also helps you monetize your podcast and review analytics so you’re constantly improving your services.


As the demand for content increases, so will the demand for quality control, and reliability from its users. These platforms will be able to help ensure you produce quality content that matches your brand.

  • OBS Studio: A powerful, open-source platform available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It does take some time to properly set up OBS, but most users believe it’s worth it as you can stream directly to Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Mixer, and more.
  • Nvidia Shadowplay: Gaming is such a huge part of streaming that it needed to be included. Shadowplay is popular among the world’s top gamers because it has very little impact on game performance.
  • OpenShot: Another open-source platform that is reliable and efficient. It offers trim and slice capabilities which makes editing a quicker process. Unlimited tracks can be surprisingly helpful at times. The software also features an impressive video effects engine, with the ability to remove backgrounds, invert colors, adjust brightness, and more.

It’s great you’re comparing platforms, but that can also be overwhelming. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article though, we’ve built a reputation on being reliable, innovative, and always supporting our clients, so please reach out to us with any questions.

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