StreamS and StreamGuys Partner for Next-Generation High-Performance Live Audio Streaming

Posted in Announcement, Streaming on Nov 12, 2020

Diamond Bar, CALIFORNIA, November 12, 2020 — StreamS and StreamGuys announce an alliance for providing next-generation, high-performance live audio streaming using fully compliant standards-based CMAF HLS for low-latency, adaptive-bitrate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Together, both provide a complete end-to-end streaming solution that is reliable, scales to rapidly growing large audiences, and reaches more modern devices with stunning audio quality.

CMAF HLS is the same successful technology that is fueling the “cord-cutting” that video content providers currently enjoy for OTT and other Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) services. By leveraging the standardized container of the Common Media Application Format (CMAF), content providers can reach a broader diversity of devices with a single file set, which results in more efficient content delivery, reduced streaming costs, and increased audience.

StreamS and StreamGuys will partner to bring these same benefits to audio content providers, including DTC services and radio broadcasters looking to expand their streaming presence. Using CMAF HLS, these customers can scale with greater strength and cost-efficiency than with older-generation streaming protocols, and leverage the latest high-efficiency codecs, such as xHE-AAC and the broader AAC family, to cover everything from high-quality voice to high-quality 7.1 surround. The ability to stream real-time extensible metadata alongside pristine audio adds greater value for content providers and audiences.

“HLS is getting a whole lot better with CMAF. We are excited to support ultra-low latency and simplify deploying HLS,” said Kiriki Delany, President, StreamGuys. “HLS provided efficient ways to switch networks while maintaining a stream, as well as savings on power consumption for mobile devices. It also introduced much higher latency than traditional true-streaming systems. CMAF changes that by allowing encoding to happen much faster, which greatly reduces file-based buffers. Meanwhile, xHE-AAC, once adopted by all major browsers and mobile platforms, will simplify what codecs are needed on the decoder side. It will support very low bitrates, like 12kbps for speech, to very high bitrates, such as lossless ALAC/FLAC formats. This simplification will mean larger reach, and lower barriers to cross platform compatibility.”

StreamS provides encoder software, systems, and professional audio processing, while StreamGuys provides the robust server infrastructure for reliable content delivery. StreamGuys will additionally provide detailed business analytics and reporting software for logging, compliance and audience measurement among other tasks, along with future ad insertion options to support revenue generation.

“Today’s audience is investing in expensive media devices and automotive digital dashboards with lots of advanced features, which they expect to work. New streaming infrastructures are now necessary,” said Greg Ogonowski, President, StreamS-Modulation Index. “Live audio streaming has become a big part of today’s revenue picture. Revenue demands reliability, and the competitive nature of the live streaming and IP audio market demands the best possible audio. We provide both.”

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