StreamGuys introduces Remote Encoder Lite

Posted in Encoding on Jun 10, 2015

StreamGuys, a pioneering content delivery network and streaming media provider, has innovated a low-cost, multi-format encoder for the streaming of radio broadcast and in-store media content. Branded as Remote Encoder Lite, the feature-rich software-as-a service provides a simple platform for ingest of file-based content, and creation of live linear channels. StreamGuys developed Remote Encoder Lite as an alternative to expensive encoding solutions that are suitable for large stations and networks, but overkill for more modest streaming operations. Remote Encoder Lite trades off the bells and whistles of “premium” encoding solutions for a less expensive solution that retains the most important features for professional, broadcast-quality operations.

“StreamGuys offers a variety of encoding solutions for heavily automated workflows, but a complete high-end digital radio automation system is simply overkill for many radio stations and service providers managing in-store media systems,” said Eduardo Martinez, director of technology, StreamGuys. “Remote Encoder Lite fills the void for customers who need a stripped-down remote encoding solution that better aligns with the nature of the content being managed and delivered.”

Remote Encoder Lite supports a variety of formats for content ingest (m3u, RSS, etc), transcoding content for output as Ogg Opus, ACC+ and other high-quality codecs. The system additionally supports direct ingest from file directories without the need for a pre-established playlist. In either configuration, Remote Encoder Lite automatically reloads playlists as new playlists or files are uploaded. This feature is particularly compelling for retailers, supermarkets and other businesses with in-store media streams that lack live audio segments or are not continuously curated.

Remote Encoder Lite integrates cleanly within StreamGuys’ cloud-based architecture, and interoperates with the company’s dynamic, server-side ad insertion service for automated placement of targeted ads; as well as its innovative SGrecast platform for the creation of side channels. The tight integration of SGrecast with Remote Encoder Lite ensures high-quality yet low-cost encoding and playout for multiple live and on-demand streams, which are created for immediate playout on the fly; or for later playback on a scheduled basis.

While Remote Encoder Lite offers a low-cost alternative to more expensive systems, the feature set remains impressive on a technical level. Broadcasters are assured that playlists are updated with useful metadata if native tags are missing or require an override, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually entering detailed annotations for each file. Furthermore, enhanced digital signal processing offers normalization and limiting filters on every generated stream, whether the configuration is single- or multi-channel.

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