StreamGuys' On-Demand Dynamic Advertising Insertion Maximizes Monetization for Podcast Publishers

Posted in Announcement, Conferences, Monetization on Aug 02, 2017

BAYSIDE, CALIFORNIA, August 2, 2017 – At the upcoming IBC2017 show, pioneering content delivery network and streaming media provider StreamGuys will demonstrate how they help broadcasters maximize the scope and effectiveness of their monetization efforts for dynamic ad insertion within on-demand content such as podcasts. Complementing StreamGuys’ dynamic pre-roll and mid-roll advertising capabilities for live streams and part of its evolving SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) toolset, the on-demand functions use the latest advances in targeting technologies to deliver advertisements most likely to resonate with each consumer, while keeping ads timely and relevant for consumers downloading ‘long-tail’ evergreen content.

Less-effective approaches to advertising in podcasts and other on-demand content insert ads into the downloadable media when the files are initially published. As a result, the entire audience receives the same ads regardless of their location or interests, and someone downloading the content years later would still consume the same, now-outdated commercials.

In contrast, StreamGuys’ dynamic advertising capabilities insert ads into the on-demand files only at the time the content is requested, leveraging available information about the listener – from geographic location to other demographic or behavioral data – to select current campaigns from advertisers or underwriters that best align with that particular subscriber or consumer. StreamGuys will demonstrate the technology and how it works across podcasting and live streaming at Stand 14.L23 at IBC2017, which takes place September 15-19 at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam.

“Applying dynamic ad insertion to on-demand content libraries allows publishers to easily expand their monetization efforts not only to new delivery channels, but also to their back catalogs by making old podcasts evergreen with new ads,” said Jason Osburn, executive vice president, StreamGuys. “Long-tail content offers a significant revenue opportunity, with some publishers finding close to one-third of their download requests coming from their back catalogs. Incorporating fresh campaigns into this older programming extends the monetization value of that content for publishers, while intelligently targeting those ads to relevant listeners increases their effectiveness for advertisers and sponsors.”

Embedded within the StreamGuys SGrecast system for podcast and side channel creation, StreamGuys’ AdsWizz-enabled, server-side ad insertion tools enable publishers to deliver dynamic advertising to listeners across a wide array of playback platforms without requiring specialized client software for each target consumer device. The service takes advantage of ongoing improvements in location accuracy, such as the latitude and longitude now available through mobile apps and modern web browsers, to target ads by country, state, metropolitan area or even more granularly. Support for third-party ad network integration in the underlying technology enables content providers to fill spots outside their primary target area with ads relevant to those geographies.

StreamGuys’ efficient, browser-based audio editing and ad break tagging tools also improve operational workflows, avoiding the need for additional software applications while accelerating turnaround times. Fast file access and waveform generation enable users to quickly load on-demand assets, mark the points where dynamic mid-roll ad insertion should take place, and re-save the file, all without the performance delays common with alternative browser-based solutions.

Dynamic ad insertion is a key component of StreamGuys’ end-to-end SaaS platform and toolset for producing, managing, monetizing and delivering live and on-demand streaming media. For podcasters, the targeted advertising capabilities combine seamlessly with SGrecast and StreamGuys’ robust, cloud-based delivery infrastructure to offer publishers a comprehensive, unified solution spanning content creation through distribution. Customers ranging from public broadcasters like New York Public Radio to commercial networks such as Cox Media Group depend on StreamGuys’ proven technology and renowned customer service to power their podcast offerings.

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