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  • The Best Live Streaming Software to use in 2022

    Posted in Streaming, Technology on May 03, 2022

    StreamGuys provides industry-leading service for podcasts, video, and audio production companies, government organizations, medical and health care services, live venues, and more. So, we’ve seen the extent and potential for streaming. If you’re comparing streaming software, these current statistics about streaming may help you during the decision-making process

  • The Difference Between High and Low Latency

    Posted in Latency, Streaming on Apr 26, 2022

    When it comes to performance optimization, it's critical to optimize for latency reduction. Part of doing this is to test site performance under high latency conditions to optimize for consumers with poor internet connections. Read our article on Internet Speed for Video Streaming to learn more in-depth about how the PingPlotter Service with StreamGuys can help with testing for latency.

  • SGrecast Deep Dive With Sounds Profitable

    Posted in Interviews, SaaS, Streaming, Technology on Apr 19, 2022

    Recently, Robert Minnix, StreamGuys Product Manager, sat down with Bryan Barletta from the Sounds Profitable podcast to dive deep into SGrecast, one of the SaaS and streaming tools StreamGuys provides

  • Ultra Low-Latency Streaming Basics

    Posted in Latency, Streaming on Apr 12, 2022

    Learn the basics behind low latency streaming. Read on for how to stream with lower latency and increase your user experience!

  • Which is Best for Live Streaming—RTMP, HLS, or WebRTC?

    Posted in HLS, Icecast, RTMP, SRT, Technology, WebRTC on Apr 05, 2022

    For broadcasters, the video streaming protocol you choose will inform how quickly you can stream your content, the cost of your platform, the accessibility of your content, and the quality of the final product.